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V008. Unable to start the analysis on t…
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V008. Unable to start the analysis on this file.

Dec 15 2011

PVS-Studio was unable to start the analysis of the designated file. This message indicates that an external C++ preprocessor, started by the analyzer to create a preprocessed source code file, exited with a non-zero error code. Moreover, std error can also contain detailed description of this error, which can be viewed in PVS-Studio Output Window for this file.

There could be several reasons for the V008 error:

1) The source code is not compilable

If the C++ sources code is not compilable for some reason (a missing header file for example), then the preprocessor will exit with non-zero error code and the "fatal compilation error" type message will be outputted into std error. PVS-Studio is unable to initiate the analysis in case C++ file hadn't been successfully preprocessed. To resolve this error you should ensure the compilability of the file being analyzed.

2) The preprocessor's executable file had been damaged\locked

Such a situation is possible when the preprocessor's executable file had been damaged or locked by system antiviral software. In this case the PVS-Studio Output window could also contain the error messages of this kind: "The system cannot execute the specified program". To resolve it you should verify the integrity of the utilized preprocessor's executable and lower the security policies' level of system's antiviral software.

3) One of PVS-Studio auxiliary command files had been locked.

PVS-Studio analyzer is not launching the C++ preprocessor directly, but with the help of its own pre-generated command files. In case of strict system security policies, antiviral software could potentially block the correct initialization of C++ preprocessor. This could be also resolved by easing the system security policies toward the analyzer.

4) There are non-latin characters in the used file paths. These characters may not properly show for the current console code page.

PVS-Studio uses 'preprocessing.cmd' batch file (located in the PVS-Studio installation directory) to start preprocessing. In this batch file, you can set the correct code page (using chcp).

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