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PVS-Studio C# installation on Linux and…
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PVS-Studio C# installation on Linux and macOS

Nov 26 2021

Note. To install the analyzer on Windows operating systems, you can use the installer available on the analyzer download page. Windows installer supports installation in both graphical and unattended (command-line installation) modes.

PVS-Studio C# dependencies

The PVS-Studio C# analyzer requires a number of additional packages. Depending on how PVS-Studio C# is installed these dependency packages will be installed automatically by the package manager, or they will need to be installed manually.


The analyzer requires .NET SDK 8.0 installed on a machine. Instructions for adding the .NET repository to various Linux distributions can be found here.

The .NET SDK for macOS can be downloaded from this page.

Note. When installing pvs-studio-dotnet via the package manager on Linux, the version of the .NET SDK required for the analyzer will be installed automatically, but the .NET repository must first be added manually.


The PVS-Studio C# analyzer requires the presence of the PVS-Studio C++ analyzer (pvs-studio) to work.

Note. When installing the PVS-Studio C# analyzer package (pvs-studio-dotnet) via the package manager, the C++ analyzer package (pvs-studio) will be installed automatically and you can skip this step.

When installing the C# analyzer via unpacking the archive, you must also install the C++ analyzer (pvs-studio). The C++ analyzer must be installed in the following directories:

  • Linux: any directory whose path is written in the 'PATH' environment variable;
  • macOS: /usr/local/bin/pvs-studio

Instructions for installing pvs-studio are available in the corresponding sections of the documentation: Linux, macOS.

Installing the analyzer on Linux operating systems

Installation from repositories

Installing from the repository is the recommended method that allows you to automatically install the necessary dependencies and get updates.

For debian-based systems

wget -q -O - https://cdn.pvs-studio.com/etc/pubkey.txt | \
  sudo apt-key add -
sudo wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/viva64.list \
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install pvs-studio-dotnet

For yum-based systems

wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/viva64.repo \
yum update
yum install pvs-studio-dotnet

For zypper-based systems

wget -q -O /tmp/viva64.key https://cdn.pvs-studio.com/etc/pubkey.txt
sudo rpm --import /tmp/viva64.key
sudo zypper ar -f https://cdn.pvs-studio.com/rpm viva64
sudo zypper update
sudo zypper install pvs-studio-dotnet

Manual installation

Direct links to download packages / archives are available on the download page. The installation / unpacking commands are given below.

Deb package

sudo gdebi pvs-studio-dotnet-VERSION.deb


sudo apt-get -f install pvs-studio-dotnet-VERSION.deb

Rpm package

sudo dnf install pvs-studio-dotnet-VERSION.rpm


sudo zypper install pvs-studio-dotnet-VERSION.rpm


sudo yum install pvs-studio-dotnet-VERSION.rpm


sudo rpm -i pvs-studio-dotnet-VERSION.rpm


tar -xzf pvs-studio-dotnet-VERSION.tar.gz
sudo ./install.sh

Analyzer installation on macOS

Installation from Homebrew

Installation commands:

brew install viva64/pvs-studio/pvs-studio
brew install viva64/pvs-studio/pvs-studio-dotnet

Update commands:

brew upgrade pvs-studio
brew upgrade pvs-studio-dotnet

Manual installation

The command to unpack the archive:

tar -xzf pvs-studio-dotnet-VERSION.tar.gz
sudo sh install.sh

License entering

Before using the PVS-Studio analyzer, make sure that the license is entered. You can find more information about entering the license here.

Projects analysis

Analyzer usage is described in the corresponding section of the documentation.