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How to choose a PVS-Studio license

How to choose a PVS-Studio license

Team License
Enterprise License

License types



License renewal is 80% of the base price during 1 month

Renewal discount can be applied for one month after previous license expiration date.

Licensing conditions

Analyzer updates during the license period
The tool works until the license expiration date



Additional information on determining and controlling the number of analyzer users is available here.

Less than 9
10 to 30
30 to 50
70 and above


Integration into development process

We’ll answer your questions on configuring our tools in your ecosystem.

Custom use cases

We will help you configure and adjust your build and test scenarios.

Multiple tickets can be investigated simultaneously by support

For Enterprise license, our support can investigate multiple tickets at the same time. For Team license, the support will investigate your requests one at a time.

Offer enhancements for diagnostics and new ideas

However, we can't promise to definitely implement them.

Customization of analyzer capabilities

We can adapt our tools to the specifics of your ecosystem.

Running analysis

Local machine
Build/CI server
Cloud platforms

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure.


Available for all of the supported platforms

Analyzer can be simultaneously used on all of the supported platforms.


Incremental analysis

On CI Server

Use incremental analysis to check files that were changed since the previous build. Incremental analysis can be used both locally and on a CI server. Read more...

Web platforms


PVS-Studio can integrate into SonarQube – an open-source platform, designed to continuously control source code quality. Read more...

Version control

Analysis of merge and pull requests

Use PVS-Studio to configure automatic analysis of merge and pull requests. The analyzer checks only modified files. This significantly reduces the analysis time. Read more...


Automatic notifications

Developers can get personalized emails about errors found in the source code they wrote. Read more...

Distributed analysis


A distributed build system, for example, Incredibuild, speeds up the analysis by distributed execution of preprocessing and analyzer processes. Read more...

Game engines


Allows checking C# projects based on the Unity game engine. Read more...

Unreal Engine

Besides Unity, PVS-Studio can also analyze Unreal Engine projects. Direct integration with Unreal Build System allows to automatically run analysis when building Unreal Engine projects. Read more...