V006. File cannot be processed. Analysis aborted by timeout.

Message V006 is generated when an analyzer cannot process a file for a particular time period and aborts. Such situation might happen in two cases.

The first reason - an error inside the analyzer that does not allow it to parse some code fragment. It happens rather seldom, yet it is possible. Although message V006 appears rather seldom, we would appreciate if you help us eliminate the issue which causes the message to appear. If you have worked with projects in C/C++, please send your preprocessed i-file where this issue occurs and its corresponding configuration launch files (*.PVS-Studio.cfg and *.PVS-Studio.cmd) to the address support@viva64.com.

Note. A preprocessed i-file is generated from a source file (for example, file.cpp) when the preprocessor finishes its work. To get this file you should set the option RemoveIntermediateFiles to False on the tab "Common Analyzer Settings" in PVS-Studio settings and restart the analysis of this one file. After that you can find the corresponding i-file in the project folder (for example, file.i and its corresponding file.PVS-Studio.cfg and file.PVS-Studio.cmd).

The second possible reason is the following: although the analyzer could process the file correctly, it does not have enough time to do that because it gets too few system resources due to high processor load. By default, the number of threads spawned for analysis is equal to the number of processor cores. For example, if we have four cores in our machine, the tool will start analysis of four files at once. Each instance of an analyzer's process requires about 1.5 Gbytes of memory. If your computer does not have enough memory, the tool will start using the swap file and analysis will run slowly and fail to fit into the required time period. Besides, you may encounter this problem when you have other "heavy" applications running on your computer simultaneously with the analyzer.

To solve this issue, you may directly restrict the number of cores to be used for analysis in the PVS-Studio settings (ThreadCount option on the "Common Analyzer Settings" tab).

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