V592. The expression was enclosed by parentheses twice: ((expression)). One pair of parentheses is unnecessary or misprint is present.

The analyzer detected double parentheses enclosing an expression. It is probable that one of the brackets is in a wrong place.

Note that the analyzer does not search for code fragments where parentheses are used twice. For instance, the analyzer considers the check "if ((A = B))" safe. Additional parentheses are used here to suppress warnings of some compilers. You cannot arrange parentheses in this expression so that an error occurs.

The analyzer tries to find cases when you may change an expression's meaning by changing a location of one bracket. Consider the following sample:


This code is suspicious. The purpose of additional parentheses here is not clear. Perhaps the expression should look this way:


Even if the expression is correct, we still should remove the additional parentheses. There are two reasons for that.

1) A person reading the code may doubt that it is correct on seeing double parentheses.

2) If you remove additional parentheses, the analyzer will stop generating a false report.

You can look at examples of errors detected by the V592 diagnostic.

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