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Posts: articles
Aug 02 2016
Dusting the globe: analysis of NASA World Wind project
Alexander Chibisov
Sometimes it is useful to look back to see how helpful the analyzer was to old projects, and which errors can be avoided in good time, if the analyzer is regularly used. This time our choice was NASA World Wind project, which was being developed on C# until 2007.
Jul 15 2016
Checking the Source Code of FlashDevelop with PVS-Studio
Pavel Kuznetsov
To assess the quality of our static analyzer's diagnostics and to advertise it, we regularly analyze various open-source projects. The developers of FlashDevelop project contacted us on their own initiative and asked us to check their product, which we have gladly...
Jul 11 2016
Accord.Net: Looking for a Bug that Could Help Machines Conquer Humankind
Sergey Vasiliev
Articles discussing the results of analysis of open-source projects are a good thing as they benefit everyone: some, including project authors themselves, can find out what bugs lurk in a project; others discover for themselves the static analysis technology and start...
Jul 05 2016
How to not shoot yourself in the foot when working with serialization
Sergey Vasiliev
Despite the fact that it's quite easy and comfortable to use the serialization mechanism in C#, there are some points that are worth taking note of. This article is about the ways in which you might shoot yourself in the foot working with serialization, code examples...
Jun 27 2016
Source code of WPF samples by Microsoft was checked
Vitaliy Alferov
To let people know about PVS-Studio, which is now able to check not only C++ projects, but C# as well, we decided to check the source code of WPF examples, offered by Microsoft.
Jun 15 2016
Amusing C#
Vitaliy Alferov
To assess the quality of PVS-Studio C# diagnostics, we test it on a large number of software projects. Since projects are written by different programmers from different teams and companies, we have to deal with different coding styles, shorthand notations, and simply...
May 24 2016
Microsoft opened the source code of Xamarin.Forms. We couldn't miss a chance to check it with PVS-Studio
Sergey Vasiliev
You probably already know that the Microsoft Corporation bought the Xamarin Company. Even though Microsoft has started gradually opening the source code of some of its products, the Xamarin.Forms code was a big surprise. I couldn't give it the go-by, and decided to...
May 19 2016
Introduction to Roslyn and its use in program development
Sergey Vasiliev
Roslyn is a platform which provides the developer with powerful tools to parse and analyze code. It's not enough just to have these tools, you should also understand what they are needed for. This article is intended to answer these questions. Besides this, you will...
Mar 16 2016
Checking PVS-Studio plugin with PVS-Studio analyzer
Vitaliy Alferov
One of the questions that people ask us all the time since the creation of PVS-Studio is - "Do you check PVS-Studio with PVS-Studio? Where is the article about the analysis results?" So the answer is "yes" - we do that regularly; that's why we weren't able to write...
Mar 14 2016
An unusual bug in Lucene.Net
Ilya Ivanov
Listening to stories about static analysis, some programmers say that they don't really need it, as their code is entirely covered by unit tests, and that's enough to catch all the bugs. Recently I have found a bug that is theoretically possible to find using unit...
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