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Posts: articles
How to speed up building ang analyzing of your project with IncrediBuild?
Maxim Zvyagintsev
"How much longer are you going to build it?" - a phrase that every developer has uttered at least once in the middle of the night. Yes, a build can be long and there is no escaping it. One does not simply redistribute the whole thing among 100+ cores, instead of some pathetic 8-12 ones. Or is it possible?
Text Broadcast of CppCast 267: Performance Matters
Episode 267 of CppCast was recorded on September 30th, 2020. Hosts Rob Irving and Jason Turner talked to Emery Berger, a Professor in the College of Information and Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. They discussed New C++ features in GCC 10 and Pattern Matching from September C++ ISO Mailing. They talked about performance issues in C++ and garbage collectors' usage. They also chat about DieHard, an error-resistant memory allocator; Stabilizer, a compiler transformation and runtime library for dynamic memory layout randomization and Coz, a new kind of profiler.
May 11 2021
PVS-Studio Learns What strlen is All About
Andrey Karpov
Somehow, it so happens that we write about our diagnostics, but barely touch upon the subject of how we enhance the analyzer's internal mechanics. So, for a change, today we'll talk about a new useful upgrade for our data flow analysis.
Apr 27 2021
MacOS Kernel, How Good Is This Apple?
Victoria Khanieva
At the very beginning of this year, Apple released the source code for macOS – Big Sur. It includes XNU, the kernel of the macOS operating system. A few years ago, PVS-Studio has already checked the kernel source code. It coincided with the analyzer release on macOS. It's been a while since then. The new kernel source code has been released. A second check? Why not?
Mar 29 2021
How PVS-Studio Prevents Rash Code Changes
Andrey Karpov
You probably know we've just published a brief article about CovidSim. However, now we have a good excuse to think back to that project and demonstrate how regular PVS-Studio use can be beneficial. When we are in a hurry, concentration may fail us, and we may commit changes too quickly. That's where a static analyzer can be of big help.
Mar 24 2021
One Useful Comment
Andrey Karpov
Most influential programmers say that code must be self-documenting. They find comments useful only when working with something uncommon. Our team shares this opinion. Recently we came across a code snippet that perfectly proves it.
Mar 22 2021
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