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May 13 2022
Are you sure your passwords protected? The Bitwarden project check
Nikita Panevin
Bitwarden is an open-source password management service. The software helps generate and manage unique passwords. Will PVS-Studio find errors in such a project?
May 12 2022
How to spot C and C++ developers by their code
We happen to write code for IoT stuff related to electricity, like car charging stations. Since hardware resources are usually sufficient, our main goal is not to save on every byte possible. Our main goal is safe and readable code. That's why our project developers...
May 11 2022
Why should Unity game developers use static analysis?
Artem Rovenskii
The cost of making a video game has increased over the years. Game development is becoming increasingly complex, the code base is getting larger as well. It's getting harder for developers to track bugs. And a game full of bugs entails financial losses and reputational...
May 06 2022
Debug output on microcontrollers: how Concepts and Ranges put my printf to rest
Hello! My name is Alexander and I work as a microcontroller developer.
May 04 2022
Code comments as a work of art
Sergey Khrenov
Welcome all developers and everyone who commiserate. Everyone commented their code at least once — that's for sure. Was it your code or someone else's? Were these comments useful? Or were they made to cheer up teammates and team leads at the next code review? Let's try...
Apr 28 2022
PVS-Studio evolution: data flow analysis for related variables
Nikita Lipilin
Related variables are one of the main problems of static analysis. This article covers this topic and describes how PVS-Studio developers are fighting false positives caused by different relationships between variables.
Apr 26 2022
Unreal baselining: PVS-Studio's enhancements for Unreal Engine projects
Valery Komarov
The PVS-Studio static analyzer is constantly evolving. We enhance various mechanisms, integrate the analyzer with game engines, IDEs, CI/CD instruments, and other systems and services. A few years ago, PVS-Studio learned to analyze Unreal Engine projects. However, one...
Apr 25 2022
Why use static analysis? Exploring an error from Akka.NET
Sergey Vasiliev
"Use static analysis regularly, not just before releases... The earlier you find errors, the cheaper they are to fix..." You probably heard this a hundred times. Today we'll answer the "Why?" question once again. An error from the Akka.NET project will assist us.
Apr 21 2022
50 terrible coding tips for a C++ developer: an overview
Andrey Karpov
Fun is fun, but extra caution never hurts anyone. What if it's not completely clear why some of the tips are terrible? Here you can find the relevant explanations.
Apr 20 2022
Four reasons to check what the malloc function returned
Andrey Karpov
Some developers may be dismissive of checks: they deliberately do not check whether the malloc function allocated memory or not. Their reasoning is simple — they think that there will be enough memory. And if there is not enough memory to complete operations, let the...
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