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Aug 12 2022
"Our legacy of the past" or why we divided the V512
Mikhail Gelvih
As the saying goes, the first step is always the hardest. That's exactly what happened in our case – after delaying it for so long, we have finally split the V512 diagnostic rule. You can read more about the causes and consequences in this little note.
Aug 10 2022
A tale of how PVS-Studio reimagined the bug
Yaroslav Pavlov-Breycher
You all know our mascot — a unicorn — many people grew fond of him! However, PVS-Studio has a supporting character who is also the antagonist of our product — a bug! Well, a bug is not omnipresent, indestructible evil. It's more like an everyday or a work-related...
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Aug 08 2022
PVS-Studio's data flow analysis untangles more and more related variables
Artem Rovenskii
This is the second article about related variables and how the PVS-Studio analyzer deals with them. This time, let's talk about how we enhanced the mechanism we created, and what problems of the analyzer users this upgrade solved. We will also take a look at examples...
Aug 02 2022
I want to use PVS-Studio in my project. The manager is against it. How to convince them?
Sergey Vasiliev
You decided to integrate PVS-Studio into your project. But suddenly it turns out that the manager is against it, because... because why, actually? Let's try to figure out what to do with potential objections.
Jul 29 2022
How can a static analyzer help Discord.NET developers?
Nikita Panevin
Discord.NET is a library written in C#. This library is used to interface with the Discord API. How can PVS-Studio help? You will find out in the article below.
Jul 27 2022
Why do arrays have to be deleted via delete[] in C++
Mikhail Gelvih
This note is for C++ beginner programmers who are wondering why everyone keeps telling them to use delete[] for arrays. But, instead of a clear explanation, senior developers just keep hiding behind the magical "undefined behavior" term. A tiny bit of code, a few...
Jul 25 2022
Application Security Testing. How not to get confused between SAST, DAST, and IAST
Alexey Sarkisov
What benefits does SAST have? What's the difference between SAST and DAST? What's IAST? What do all these words mean?! Let's talk about this and more in the overview of the main types of Application Security Testing (AST).
Jul 22 2022
What is CVE and what vulnerabilities can it tell us about?
Mikhail Evtihevich
You may often come across the CVE abbreviation in articles about various vulnerabilities and publications on information security incidents. CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) is a list of publicly disclosed security vulnerabilities and defects. Let's look how...
Jul 21 2022
PVS-Studio vs Hacker: who's a better reviewer?
Andrey Karpov
Sometimes we publish articles about "a static analyzer that surpassed a C++ developer". And we carry on the tradition, but today we replace "developer" with "hacker".
Jul 20 2022
CWE Top 25 2022. Review of changes
Mikhail Gelvih
The CWE Top 25 list reflects the most serious software security weaknesses. I invite you to read the updated top list to become aware of the changes happened over the past year.
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