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Posts: articles
Jan 06 2022
The most interesting C# / .NET blogs and websites
Sergey Vasiliev
Let's take a look at the list of information sources that can be useful for the C# / .NET developers. Our list includes blogs, repositories with source code, standards and accounts of developers who covers the deep aspects of the C# and .NET...
Dec 29 2021
Top 10 bugs found in C# projects in 2021
Nikita Lipilin
In 2021 we published several articles and showed you errors found in open-source projects. The year 2021 ends, which means it's time to present you the traditional top 10 of the most interesting bugs. Enjoy!
Dec 27 2021
Errors and suspicious code fragments in .NET 6 sources
Sergey Vasiliev
The .NET 6 turned out to be much-awaited and major release. If you write for .NET, you could hardly miss such an event. We also couldn't pass by the new version of this platform. We decided to check what interesting things we can find in the sources of .NET libraries...
Dec 14 2021
PVS-Studio checks Umbraco code for the third time
Artem Rovenskii
Six years ago, we first checked Umbraco with the PVS-Studio static analyzer for C#. Today, we decided to go where it all started and analyze the Umbraco CMS source code...
Nov 24 2021
A variety of errors in C# code by the example of CMS DotNetNuke: 40 questions about the quality
Sergey Vasiliev
Today, we discuss C# code quality and a variety of errors by the example of CMS DotNetNuke. We're going to dig into its source code. You're going to need a cup of coffee...
Nov 17 2021
PVS-Studio checks the code quality in the .NET Foundation projects: LINQ to DB
Danila Karpov
The .NET Foundation is an independent organization, created by Microsoft, to support open-source projects around the DotNet platform. Currently, the organization gathered many libraries under its wing. We have already tested some of these libraries with the help of...
Nov 12 2021
All hail bug reports: how we reduced the analysis time of the user's project from 80 to 4 hours
Sergey Vasiliev
People often see work in support as something negative. Today we'll look at it from a different perspective. This article is about a real communication of 100+ messages, exceptions, the analysis that didn't complete in three days...
Oct 27 2021
Generic Math: C# super feature available in .NET 6 Preview 7
On August 10th, 2021, Microsoft announced the .NET 6 Preview 7 release...
Oct 22 2021
OWASP Top Ten and Software Composition Analysis (SCA)
Nikita Lipilin
The OWASP Top Ten 2017 category A9 (which became A6 in OWASP Top Ten 2021) is dedicated to using components with known vulnerabilities. To cover this category in PVS-Studio, developers have to turn the analyzer into a full SCA solution. How will the analyzer look for...
Oct 20 2021
What's new in C# 10: overview
Valentin Prokofiev
This article covers the new version of the C# language - C# 10. Compared to C# 9, C# 10 includes a short list of enhancements. Below we described the enhancements and added explanatory code fragments. Let's look at them...
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