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Posts: articles
Roslyn API: Why PVS-Studio Was Analyzing the Project So Long
Valery Komarov
How many of you have used third-party libraries when writing code? It's a catchy question. Without third-party libraries the development of some products would be delayed for a very, very long time. One would have to reinvent the wheel to solve each problem. When you use third-party libraries you still stumble upon some pitfalls in addition to obvious advantages. Recently PVS-Studio for C# has also faced one of the deficiencies. The analyzer could not finish analyzing a large project for a long time. It was due to the use of the SymbolFinder.FindReferencesAsync method from the Roslyn API in the V3083 diagnostic.
Apr 22 2021
Finally! PVS-Studio Supports .NET 5 Projects
Nikita Lipilin
On November 10th, 2020, Microsoft released a new version of .NET Core - .NET 5. The updated platform presents many new enhancements. For example, it allows C# developers to use features the new C# 9 offers: records, relational pattern matching, etc. Unfortunately, there was a disadvantage: PVS-Studio could not analyze these projects. However (and here's the good news)... That used to be the case :) Our next release, PVS-Studio 7.13, will support projects that target .NET 5.
Apr 21 2021
Hidden Reefs in String Pool, or Another Reason to Think Twice Before Interning Instances of String Class in C#
Ilya Gainulin
As software developers, we always want our software to work properly. We'll do everything to improve the software quality. To find the best solution, we are ready to use parallelizing or applying any various optimization techniques. One of these optimization techniques is the so-called string interning. It allows users to reduce memory usage. It also makes string comparison faster. However, everything is good in moderation. Interning at every turn is not worth it. Further, I'll show you how not to slip up with creating a hidden bottleneck in the form of the String.Intern method for your application.
Apr 06 2021
What Is yield and How Does It Work in C#?
Nikita Lipilin
C# capabilities keep expanding from year to year. New features enrich software development. However, their advantages may not always be so obvious. For example, the good old yield. To some developers, especially beginners, it's like magic - inexplicable, but intriguing. This article shows how yield works and what this peculiar word hides. Have fun reading!
Mar 04 2021
PVS-Studio Clashes with Hardcoded Passwords!
Nikita Lipilin
PVS-Studio is a static analyzer that allows to find many problems hidden in the source code. Among them there are also errors related to application security. For example, the analyzer has recently learned to identify the presence of confidential data such as passwords in the code. The OWASP Top Ten list includes this potential vulnerability. It is much more dangerous than it may seem at first glance. What makes it so dangerous? How can a static analyzer save us from it? That's what you'll know about (and more) in this article!
Mar 02 2021
Should We Initialize an Out Parameter Before a Method Returns?
Sergey Vasiliev
Surely every C# developer has used out-parameters. It seems that everything is extremely simple and clear with them. But is it really so? For a kickoff, let's start with a self-test task.
Feb 12 2021
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