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Compilation of C# conference talks from…

Compilation of C# conference talks from 2023-2024

Jun 28 2024

We've recently posted a compilation of C++ talks, but we don't want to leave out C# developers. So, here are some interesting conference talks from the world of .NET and C#.



Many programming conferences are held every year. Some are online. Lucky us! We have resources that help us get inspired and stay up to date with changes in IT and programming world.

In this article, you'll find some fresh talks about the C# development. It would be great if you could share any interesting talks that we missed in the compilation. Let's develop the C# community together!

The Next Decade of Software Development — Richard Campbell — NDC London 2023

The first one is a talk by Richard Campbell, a developer who wrote his first code line back in 1977.

In his talk, Campbell speculates on how software development will evolve in the 2020s, what new technologies are coming, and, of course, he touches on the AI topic.

We recommend checking it out! Share your predictions for the future of software development in the comments.

Correcting Common Async/Await Mistakes in .NET 8 — Brandon Minnick — Copenhagen DevFest 2023

.NET 8 is out now, but errors haven't gone away. So, Brandon Minnick highlights the issue of using async/await in C# and analyzes how .NET compiles async code.

In the talk, Minnick uses an existing application and tries to optimize its async code together with the audience. As the result, they've got high-performance and cut-down app, and more. To achieve such results, he works with the latest C# 12 and .NET 8 tools.

Writing async/await from scratch in C# with Stephen Toub 2024

If the previous talk isn't enough for you, we'd like to recommend another interesting webinar about async/await.

Stephen Toub and his colleague discuss the world of asynchronous programming in .NET. They implement their own async/await and explain it along the way.

Overall, that's another useful talk that delivers not only theoretical but also hands-on insights.

You are doing logging in .NET wrong. Let's fix it. — Nick Chapsas — NDC Oslo 2023

Logging is a vital part of every application. This process collects and structures information about your system performance. Logging also shows what failed and when things went wrong. The speaker claims that it's very easy to mess everything up: once issues arise, they can stay hidden for years.

A Complete .NET Developer's Guide to Span with Stephen Toub

Would you like to learn more about how Span works? This webinar is for you, then. Speakers cover System.Span that enables secure access to contiguous regions of arbitrary memory. They use real-world examples to demonstrate how to handle it.

Safety first! Low-level C# without the unsafe keyword — Wesley Cabus — NDC Sydney 2024

Sometimes we have to deal with strange file types, data structures passed as the void pointers, and other similar stuff. As a result, one might be tempted to use insecure code in C#. There's no need for that, though.

In this talk, the speaker takes the DOOM game to show how the C language translates to C#, and how C# helps you avoid shooting yourself in the foot.


The world of C# and .NET is evolving, so we need to keep up with all the latest innovations and learn as much as possible. We hope you'll find these conference talks handy! Stay tuned for our future compilations.

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