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Posts: articles
Mar 25 2022
Looking for errors in the C# code of the Eto.Forms GUI framework
Vadim Kuleshov
GUI frameworks are becoming increasingly popular: new ones appear, and old ones get a new life. At PVS-Studio, we are watching this trend very closely. Today we'll examine suspicious code fragments in one of C# frameworks — Eto.Forms.
Mar 22 2022
Suspicious sortings in Unity, ASP.NET Core, and more
Sergey Vasiliev
Some believe that experienced developers do not make silly errors. Comparison errors? Dereferencing null references? Bet you think: "No, it's definitely not about me..." ;) By the way, what about errors with sorting? As the title suggests, there are some nuances.
Mar 16 2022
Checking the Ogre3D framework with the PVS-Studio static analyzer
Grigory Semenchev
Developers like graphics engines because they are easy to work with. The PVS-Studio team likes graphics engines because we often find interesting code fragments. One of our readers asked us to analyze the Ogre3D graphics framework. We did it and found some warnings ...
Mar 04 2022
Top 10 errors PVS-Studio found in ASP.NET Core projects
Artem Rovenskii
Millions of people use web applications based on ASP.NET Core. This is why we enhanced the mechanics of how PVS-Studio analyzes such projects. How does PVS-Studio work now? Let's see! We checked several open-source projects and gathered the top 10 warnings in this...
Feb 21 2022
MuditaOS: Will your alarm clock go off? Part II
Vladislav Stolyarov
This is the second part in a series of articles checking the MuditaOS operating system. In this article, we cover the bottlenecks of the project that are worth refactoring. The PVS-Studio static analyzer and its optimization warnings will help us with this.
Feb 18 2022
How PVS-Studio prevents rash code changes, example N4
Andrey Karpov
If you regularly use a static code analyzer, you can save time on guessing why the new code doesn't work as planned. Let's look at another interesting error — the function broke during refactoring, and no one noticed that. No one — except for PVS-Studio that can...
Feb 18 2022
Why does my app send network requests when I open an SVG file?
Sergey Vasiliev
You decided to make an app that works with SVG. Encouraged by the enthusiasm, you collected libraries and successfully made the application. But suddenly you find that the app is sending strange network requests. And data is leaking from the host-machine. How so?
Feb 16 2022
How PVS-Studio prevents rash code changes, example N3
Andrey Karpov
Let's continue with a series of small notes illustrating the PVS-Studio's ability to quickly find new errors in the code. If the analyzer is regularly used, of course :). Today we have another bug in the Blender project.
Feb 16 2022
A bug report's adventure
Mikhail Gelvih
We are often asked whether we send bug reports to developers of open-source projects. The answer is yes. More than that— we sometimes track the progress. This article is about one of the cases when this habit prevented a sloppy bug fix.
Feb 15 2022
Visual Studio 2022 — stylish and fresh. How PVS-Studio supported VS2022
Nikolay Mironov
Seems like Microsoft has just announced Visual Studio 2022. And it already came out! For us at PVS-Studio, this meant only one thing — we must support this IDE in the next PVS-Studio release. Almost everything went smoothly. However, there were some hitches that we're...
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