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Posts: articles

Sep 20 2022
Sorting in C#: OrderBy.OrderBy or OrderBy.ThenBy? What's more effective and why?
Sergey Vasiliev
Suppose we need to sort the collection by multiple keys. In C#, we can do this with the help of OrderBy().OrderBy() or OrderBy().ThenBy(). But what is the difference between these calls? To answer this question, we need to delve into the source code.
Sep 15 2022
The check of the Rhino JavaScript engine or how the unicorn met the rhino
Valery Komarov
Among the wide variety of programming languages, what our users want the most is that the PVS-Studio analyzer to start supporting JavaScript. The Rhino engine is a project that our team can use to create a PVS-Studio analyzer for JavaScript. In this article, we will...
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Sep 13 2022
Non-standard containers in C++
Container is an object which stores a collection of related objects (or elements). The container manages the storage space that is allocated for its elements.
Sep 08 2022
ML.NET: can Microsoft's machine learning be trusted?
Andrey Moskalev
In 2018, Microsoft created ML.NET, a machine learning framework for .NET developers. Since then, the machine learning library has undergone significant changes and acquired new features to identify patterns within data. Let's see how these changes have affected the...
Sep 06 2022
The risks of using vulnerable dependencies in your project, and how SCA helps manage them
Nikita Lipilin
Most applications today use third-party libraries. If such a library contains a vulnerability, an app that uses this library may also be vulnerable. But how can you identify such problematic dependencies?
Sep 01 2022
Build to order? Checking MSBuild for the second time
Nikita Panevin
MSBuild is a popular open-source build platform created by Microsoft. Developers all over the world use MSBuild. In 2016, we checked it for the first time and found several suspicious places. Can we find anything this time? Let's see!
Aug 31 2022
The feedback for our C++ quiz and why it matters
Alexey Sarkisov
Earlier we wrote about our quiz for C++ developers. Since the quiz launch, we have been carefully collecting your feedback. Some of the comments were related to the quiz errors, that we obviously sought to fix.
Aug 30 2022
The unicorns of PVS-Studio
Andrey Karpov
Let us guess: you're reading this article right now because you saw our unicorn illustrations and liked it. Anyway, we are pleased to see you here. In this article, we're going to tell you why we draw these unicorns, what they mean and what we do in general.
Aug 30 2022
The concept of smart pointer static_ptr<T> in C++
We have several smart pointers in C++ – 'std::unique_ptr', 'std::shared_ptr', 'std::weak_ptr'.
Aug 25 2022
The Orchard Core threequel. Rechecking the project with PVS-Studio
Aleksey Avdeev
In this article, we check the Orchard Core project with the help of the PVS-Studio static analyzer. We are going to find out if the platform code is as good as the sites created on its basis. May the force of static analysis be with us!
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