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Posts: articles
Text Broadcast of CppCast 281: Creative Coding
Episode 281 of CppCast was recorded on January 6th, 2021. Hosts Rob Irving and Jason Turner talked to Zach Lieberman, a professor at MIT's Media Lab, about Herb Sutter's 2020 Wrap-Up blog post and the ISO mailing from December, 2020. Then they discussed Open Frameworks, a C++ toolkit Zach co-created 10 years ago for creative coding, and various creative coding tools and techniques.
Mar 17 2021
PVS-Studio Analyzer Scans Snort, Network Traffic Scanner
Konstantin Kochkin
Snort is the most widely used Intrusion Detection System (IDS) in the world. Anyone who's ever dealt with information security is probably familiar with Snort. Can the PVS-Studio static analyzer find bugs and potential vulnerabilities in this cool tool? Let's see!
Mar 17 2021
PVS-Studio 7.12 New Features for Finding Safety and Security Threats
Nikolay Mironov, Paul Eremeev
Security. What does this word mean to you? Nowadays, companies spare no effort to ensure that their product is secured from hacking and all sorts of information leaks. PVS-Studio decided to help its users and expand the functionality in this area. Therefore, one of the main innovations of the upcoming release will be the introduction of analyzer new features which will ensure code safety and security. This article aims to present these features.
Mar 11 2021
PVS-Studio Checks STP
Oleg Lisiy
Static analysis helps developers catch errors early and improve code quality and reliability. This article examines some potential vulnerabilities and errors PVS-Studio found in the STP library's source code.
Mar 10 2021
Short-lived Music or MuseScore Code Analysis
Svyatoslav Razmyslov
Having only programming background, it is impossible to develop software in some areas. Take the difficulties of medical software development as an example. The same is with music software, which will be discussed in this article. Here you need an advice of subject matter experts. However, it's more expensive for software development. That is why developers sometimes save on code quality. The example of the MuseScore project check, described in the article, will show the importance of code quality expertise. Hopefully, programming and musical humor will brighten up the technical text.
Mar 05 2021
What Is yield and How Does It Work in C#?
Nikita Lipilin
C# capabilities keep expanding from year to year. New features enrich software development. However, their advantages may not always be so obvious. For example, the good old yield. To some developers, especially beginners, it's like magic - inexplicable, but intriguing. This article shows how yield works and what this peculiar word hides. Have fun reading!
Mar 04 2021
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