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Posts: articles
Jan 25 2022
Re-checking PascalABC.NET
Sergey Khrenov
Welcome all fans of clean code! Today we analyze the PascalABC.NET project. In 2017, we already found errors in this project. We used two static analysis tools (more precisely, plugins for SonarQube): SonarC# and PVS-Studio. Today, we analyze this project with the...
Jan 20 2022
How many marketing specialists do you need to create one video?
Yulia Khushnamova
Video is one of the simplest and most attractive formats for information perception. Especially now, in the era of TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. It is not surprising that marketing specialists often choose video format for business promotion.
Jan 18 2022
How PVS-Studio prevents rash code changes, example N2
Andrey Karpov
When developers do make mistakes, it's often accidental or because the developers are in a hurry. These errors often make their way into small edits to the code. Let's review one of these cases: a developer fixes an error and introduces a new one simultaneously.
Design and evolution of constexpr in C++
constexpr is one of the magic keywords in modern C++. You can use it to create code, that is then executed before the compilation process ends. This is the absolute upper limit for software performance.
Jan 11 2022
PVS-Studio: static code analysis technology
Andrey Karpov, Paul Eremeev
PVS-Studio provides static analyzers for C, C++, C# and Java languages on Windows, Linux and macOS platforms. PVS-Studio analyzers can vary slightly due to certain features that the languages have. However, all our analyzers share common technologies and approaches to...
Jan 06 2022
The most interesting C# / .NET blogs and websites
Sergey Vasiliev
Let's take a look at the list of information sources that can be useful for the C# / .NET developers. Our list includes blogs, repositories with source code, standards and accounts of developers who covers the deep aspects of the C# and .NET.
Jan 04 2022
The most interesting blogs and websites for C++ developers
Andrey Karpov
Readers surely have favorite websites and blogs about C++. Hopefully, today your collection will grow.
Dec 31 2021
What's new in PVS-Studio in 2021?
Maxim Stefanov, Oleg Lisiy, Sergey Vasiliev
2021 is coming to an end, which means it's time to sum up the year! Today we'll tell you about the new features we added to PVS-Studio in the past year. Buckle up and let's go!
Dec 29 2021
Top 10 bugs found in C# projects in 2021
Nikita Lipilin
In 2021 we published several articles and showed you errors found in open-source projects. The year 2021 ends, which means it's time to present you the traditional top 10 of the most interesting bugs. Enjoy!
Dec 27 2021
Errors and suspicious code fragments in .NET 6 sources
Sergey Vasiliev
The .NET 6 turned out to be much-awaited and major release. If you write for .NET, you could hardly miss such an event. We also couldn't pass by the new version of this platform. We decided to check what interesting things we can find in the sources of .NET libraries.
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