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Posts: articles

Mar 31 2023
PVS-Studio's personal account
Timur Makaev
With this article we invite you to try the new web service from PVS-Studio. We're talking about the user's personal account. It will be useful to the active readers of our blog, as well as those who decide to try our product on their commercial projects.
Mar 27 2023
Top Reddit communities for Devs and ITs: from beginners to advanced
Uliana Grishina
This article is about a popular network on the Internet – Reddit. For those who don't know what Reddit is, it's a platform that connects thousands of communities of diverse interests. We respect and love Reddit for its open-minded and curious users. If you are a...
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Mar 23 2023
Why change an assembly version when making a new assembly release, or how to break Visual Studio with a single command
Nikita Lipilin
Usually, when developers make a new release of an assembly, they also change its version. Changing the version is particularly important when developing a library on which other projects depend. But what happens when developers don't change the library version? Let me...
Mar 21 2023
Converting string to enum at the cost of 50 GB: let's analyze the CVE-2020-36620 vulnerability
Sergey Vasiliev
In this article, we're going to discuss the CVE-2020-36620 vulnerability and see how a NuGet package for converting string to enum can make a C# application vulnerable to DoS attacks.
Mar 16 2023
What static analysis cannot find
Andrey Karpov
Static code analysis is valuable because it helps detect errors in the early stages of development. However, it is not omnipotent and there are a number of limitations that prevent it from detecting any variety of errors. Let's dig deeper into the topic.
Mar 09 2023
64-bit errors: LONG, LONG_PTR and blast from the past
Andrey Karpov
64-bit errors are a thing of the bygone days. Very few developers are porting code from a 32-bit to a 64-bit system these days. Those who needed it have already ported their programs. Those who don't need it, they likely won't have to. But sometimes such errors make us...
Mar 02 2023
Is ChatGPT good enough at spotting bugs in code?
Artem Rovenskii
Neural networks are making their way into our daily lives, trying to make them better. ChatGPT has recently sparked a frenzy of online debate. It can write texts, code, essays and songs. What is more, the chatbot can search for errors in code, but... how well does...
Feb 16 2023
PVS-Studio 7.23: Qt Creator 9 plugin, and more
Nikita Lipilin
PVS-Studio 7.23 is released. We improved the Qt Creator support, increased the stability of PVS-Studio Java, solved issues with the analysis of NMake projects, added a number of new diagnostics, and much more. The following note describes the details.
Feb 14 2023
Captain Blood's adventures: would Arabella sink?
Vladislav Stolyarov
We recently found out that the source code of the Captain Blood game (formerly known as Age of Pirates: Captain Blood) has been opened. We couldn't pass it up so we checked the game's quality with the help of PVS-Studio. Will Captain Blood's legendary ship sink into...
Feb 10 2023
Should we check libraries before using them? MudBlazor helps us find the answer
Nikita Panevin
There was a need in our company to use a library for Blazor components. We chose MudBlazor and checked its code quality before implementation. The result is a number of strange things and even a reproducible crash. Want to know more? Keep on reading this article.
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