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Posts: articles
Jul 06 2022
PVS-Studio to help with schoolwork-like tasks in C and C++
Andrey Karpov
Today I'll talk some more about questions posted on Stack Overflow — in particular, about another discussion started by someone learning the C++ language. I'd like to note that, if you are just learning to code, PVS-Studio can be of great help. It'll answer many of...
Jul 04 2022
Checking Orleans with the PVS-Studio analyzer
Nikita Panevin
Orleans is a cross-platform framework for creating scalable cloud applications. This software is developed by Microsoft, and PVS-Studio often checks its projects. Let's see how many suspicious places our analyzer can find this time.
Jun 29 2022
Challenge: can you spot an error in C++ code?
Andrey Karpov
PVS-Studio developers made an entertaining quiz for you. Try to quickly find a bug in a code fragment. If you spot an error - click on it.
Jun 28 2022
"Why doesn't my code work?" — to anyone learning the art of programming and writing to the Stack Overflow community
Andrey Karpov
Stack Overflow is full of questions from people learning to write code. Here's a tip: you can get answers to most of these questions if you run a static code analyzer against your code. That's so much faster!
Jun 24 2022
PVS-Studio 7.19: what's new?
Sergey Vasiliev
Recently, we have released a new PVS-Studio version — 7.19. In this note, we'll tell you about new features in the analyzer, the enhanced documentation, as well as what to read and... what to play.
Jun 23 2022
In the world of anthropomorphic animals: PVS-Studio checks Overgrowth
Vladislav Stolyarov
Recently, Wolfire Games released Overgrowth's source code. We couldn't but check the game's quality with the help of PVS-Studio. Let's see where you can find the coolest action: in the game or in its source code!
Jun 21 2022
How to write reflection for C++
C++ is a truly controversial language. Good ol' C was created in 1972. C++ appeared in 1985 and had backward compatibility with C. Since then, C++ was pronounced dead many times: Java did it first, then Go and Rust. All disadvantages of C++ were discussed many times.
Jun 16 2022
Checking the GPCS4 emulator: will we ever be able to play "Bloodborne" on PC?
Alexander Kurenev
An emulator is an application that enables a computer with one operating system to run programs designed for a completely different operating system. Today we talk about GPCS4 — the emulator designed to run PS4 games on PC. Recently, GPCS4 announced their first...
Jun 14 2022
How PVS-Studio for Windows got new monitoring mode
Alexey Govorov
In PVS-Studio 7.18, the compiler monitoring utility for Windows got new mechanism that completely eliminates missed compiler launches. In this article, we will remind you how our analyzer copes with various build systems and tell you about the implementation of the new...
Jun 09 2022
50 terrible coding tips for a C++ developer
Andrey Karpov
Whichever C++ article you read, it provides serious information, requires thoughtful reading — preferably with a cup of coffee. And what if you want to have fun? That's why I decided to write this humorous article with terrible coding tips. The main thing is not to...
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