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Posts: articles

Dec 06 2022
Why are you doing my job? Types of people who don't write to support
Alena Fokanova
The title of an article should be catchy and hint at its contents. So, over time a user support specialist might collect questions to the users. One of them looks like this: "Why are you doing my job?" — but it is a rather rhetorical question.
Nov 30 2022
How has LINQ performance enhanced in .NET 7?
Mikhail Evtihevich
New version of .NET enhanced the performance of the Min, Max, Average and Sum methods for arrays and lists. How much do you think their execution speed has increased? 2x or 5x? No, they got even faster. Let's see how that was achieved.
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Nov 23 2022
Holy C++
In this article, I'll try to list all things that we can throw out of C++ without remorse. This won't cost us anything but will reduce the standard (and our headaches), take the burden off the compiler developers and students who learn this language — and thus will...
Nov 16 2022
What 's new in .NET 7?
Artem Rovenskii
.NET 7 is now available, which means that we can enjoy all sorts of new features and enhancements. Let's talk about the most interesting improvements: C# 11, containers, performance, GC, and so on.
Nov 09 2022
A software bug captured Apple and other huge companies
Uliana Grishina
We collected some hot stories about programming errors for you to have a little fun and learn something new. Keep reading to find out how one programmer broke the Internet by deleting a tiny piece of code and see other not-so-obvious errors.
Catastrophic backtracking: how can a regular expression cause a ReDoS vulnerability?
Andrey Moskalev
Regular expressions come in handy when you need to search for and replace text. However, in some cases, they may cause the system to slow down or even make vulnerable to ReDoS attacks.
Nov 01 2022
Lifetime extension of temporary objects in C++: common recommendations and pitfalls
After reading this article, you will learn the following: ways to extend the lifetime of a temporary object in C++, various tips and tricks; pitfalls of the lifetime extension that a C++ programmer may face, and that I have already faced myself.
Oct 28 2022
How we were looking for a bug in PVS-Studio or 278 GB of log files
Grigory Semenchev, Sergey Larin, Phillip Khandeliants
Here is an interesting story of how our team were looking for a bug in the PVS-Studio analyzer. Well, we make mistakes too. However, we are ready to roll up our sleeves and dive deep into the rabbit hole.
Oct 26 2022
0,1,2, Freddy came for Blender
Andrey Karpov
This article could have been named "How PVS-Studio prevents rash code changes, example N7". However, naming articles like that becomes boring. So today Freddy Krueger's name is in the title, and you'll find out why.
Oct 25 2022
Examples of errors that PVS-Studio found in LLVM 15.0
Andrey Karpov
Compilers are evolving: they issue more and more warnings. Do developers still need to use static code analyzers like PVS-Studio? Yes, because analyzers are evolving too. In this article you'll see how PVS-Studio can find bugs even in a compiler.
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