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Posts: articles
Hidden Reefs in String Pool, or Another Reason to Think Twice Before Interning Instances of String Class in C#
Ilya Gainulin
As software developers, we always want our software to work properly. We'll do everything to improve the software quality. To find the best solution, we are ready to use parallelizing or applying any various optimization techniques. One of these optimization techniques is the so-called string interning. It allows users to reduce memory usage. It also makes string comparison faster. However, everything is good in moderation. Interning at every turn is not worth it. Further, I'll show you how not to slip up with creating a hidden bottleneck in the form of the String.Intern method for your application.
Apr 06 2021
PVS-Studio Team's Kanban Board. Part 1: Agile
Sergey Khrenov
This article could have been born about a year ago – that's when the PVS-Studio team decided to try agile. However, we wanted to experience it hands-on before we told the world about it. Aside from introducing agile, we decided to switch from Bitbucket to a new task tracker. We also wanted to upgrade many of our internal development processes. No time for an article!
Mar 31 2021
MacOS Kernel, How Good Is This Apple?
Victoria Khanieva
At the very beginning of this year, Apple released the source code for macOS – Big Sur. It includes XNU, the kernel of the macOS operating system. A few years ago, PVS-Studio has already checked the kernel source code. It coincided with the analyzer release on macOS. It's been a while since then. The new kernel source code has been released. A second check? Why not?
Mar 29 2021
How PVS-Studio Prevents Rash Code Changes
Andrey Karpov
You probably know we've just published a brief article about CovidSim. However, now we have a good excuse to think back to that project and demonstrate how regular PVS-Studio use can be beneficial. When we are in a hurry, concentration may fail us, and we may commit changes too quickly. That's where a static analyzer can be of big help.
Mar 24 2021
PVS-Studio Analyzer Is Now in the Russian Software Registry
Evgeniy Ryzhkov
We inform our clients in Russia that PVS-Studio was included in the registry of the Ministry of Digital Development, Telecommunications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation. This affects taxes that you pay.
Mar 23 2021
One Useful Comment
Andrey Karpov
Most influential programmers say that code must be self-documenting. They find comments useful only when working with something uncommon. Our team shares this opinion. Recently we came across a code snippet that perfectly proves it.
Mar 22 2021
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