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Aug 31 2022
The feedback for our C++ quiz and why it matters
Alexey Sarkisov
Earlier we wrote about our quiz for C++ developers. Since the quiz launch, we have been carefully collecting your feedback. Some of the comments were related to the quiz errors, that we obviously sought to fix.
Aug 30 2022
Who you are in C#
Ever wondered who you are in C#? So, this quiz is what you need! To get to the top, you should answer 10 questions. Please answer the questions as honestly as possible. It would be better if you selected the most suitable option as applicable to you. This would help...
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Aug 30 2022
The unicorns of PVS-Studio
Andrey Karpov
Let us guess: you're reading this article right now because you saw our unicorn illustrations and liked it. Anyway, we are pleased to see you here. In this article, we're going to tell you why we draw these unicorns, what they mean and what we do in general.
Aug 30 2022
The concept of smart pointer static_ptr<T> in C++
We have several smart pointers in C++ – 'std::unique_ptr', 'std::shared_ptr', 'std::weak_ptr'.
Aug 25 2022
The Orchard Core threequel. Rechecking the project with PVS-Studio
Aleksey Avdeev
In this article, we check the Orchard Core project with the help of the PVS-Studio static analyzer. We are going to find out if the platform code is as good as the sites created on its basis. May the force of static analysis be with us!
Aug 23 2022
How I searched for viruses in a program
This idea of this article came to my mind after one discussion in a Telegram chat. Someone posted a program for changing the file's MD5 hash. Another chat participant checked this program with Virustotal and found 2 suspicious (and 68 safe) results. After the check...
Aug 18 2022
PVS-Studio 7.20: Unreal Engine, SAST, SCA
Sergey Vasiliev
This press release is also a test of a new format: the main information is summarized. If you want more information — you can read sections with detailed description. Choose what you like more.
Aug 16 2022
Automated newsletters: by developers, for developers
Svyatoslav Razmyslov
That's right, now you can keep up with the latest news from PVS-Studio! Our developers noticed — they prefer to get news about other products by email, but PVS-Studio doesn't have this option. So, one of our development teams got together and made the newsletter the...
Aug 12 2022
"Our legacy of the past" or why we divided the V512
Mikhail Gelvih
As the saying goes, the first step is always the hardest. That's exactly what happened in our case – after delaying it for so long, we have finally split the V512 diagnostic rule. You can read more about the causes and consequences in this little note.
Aug 10 2022
A tale of how PVS-Studio reimagined the bug
Yaroslav Pavlov-Breycher
You all know our mascot — a unicorn — many people grew fond of him! However, PVS-Studio has a supporting character who is also the antagonist of our product — a bug! Well, a bug is not omnipresent, indestructible evil. It's more like an everyday or a work-related...
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