We Visited ISDEF 2009 Conference

Andrey Karpov
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OOO "Program Verification Systems" has visited ISDEF 2009 conference, i.e. Independent Software Developers Forum. The conference was held during four days, on October 1 - 4, in Izmailovo - Alpha Hotel in Moscow.


As a rule, we participate in conferences which are organized for programmers and software project managers, at which technical issues of software development are discussed. ISDEF 2009 is an event which is organized for people who are engaged in sales, marketing, advertizing and promotion of software products at the market. That is why we visited such an event with much involvement and were interested to learn news which the representatives of worldwide known companies shared with us.

Representatives of such largest companies as Microsoft, Intel, NVidia, Nokia, and Adobe spoke at the conference, as well as those of our partner - Avangate reseller. They shared their opinion on the situation at the software market at present, which is darkened by the new economic reality - the financial crisis. They also informed us about the main tendencies in software industry and about their vision of overcoming difficulties in software promotion to the market. The topics on which they spoke are actual for ISV's and for us, of course.

As Avangate Sales Manager put it, "A happy customer is your best salesman". The main points of the speekings about successful product promotion at the market were as follows: contribute to customer's interest, provide discounts to long-term customers, keeping in mind that they could bring new customers to you, take part in partner programs, provide trial periods, offer subscription as licensing model, offer solutions, not products, keeping in mind that people do not search for a product - they need a solution of their problems, focus their attention namely on solution of problems with the help of the software that you sell, use localization of the site and the product, carry out the support of your site version for mobile devices.

We have taken into account the opinions and ideas which the speakers of the conference shared with us. Though many of such ideas are quite obvious, it is always interesting to hear true things said by wise people.

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Andrey Karpov
Articles: 565

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