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Beta-version of VivaMP code analyzer de…

Beta-version of VivaMP code analyzer designed for error educing in parallel OpenMP programs has been released

Nov 27 2008

OOO "Program Verification Systems" Company informs you that the first beta-version of static C/C++ code analyzer VivaMP has been released. VivaMP is meant for diagnostics of parallel errors in software products based on OpenMP technology. The fact that modern compilers where parallel programming technology OpenMP support is implemented provide rather weak error diagnostics in OpenMP code makes no secret. Moreover, it's easy to make an error working with OpenMP. VivaMP is ready to repair this gap and to offer high-quality diagnostics for OpenMP usage.

VivaMP software product is an add-in module (AddIn) for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008 development environment. Being added in the environment, this analyzer is able to verify code of applications written in C and C++ languages, in which OpenMP paralleling is used. The analyzer is able to find the errors which were made because the developers master OpenMP syntax insufficiently or if the principles of work with OpenMP are misunderstood. Errors of incorrect work with shared memory, errors of synchronization and errors of performance can also be discovered.

Unlike dynamic tools, static code analyzer VivaMP doesn't require starting of a program, that's why its diagnostics is always stable, precise and doesn't depend upon "the environment" in which the program being developed starts.

Though the present beta-version is called "beta", still it is a full-fledged software product. Its only difference from the future release is the absence of help system. The help system is sure to be fully present in the release.

VivaMP code analyzer is now available for purchase. Every user who buys a license for VivaMP during beta-testing will receive a free license for VivaMP 1.00 version after its official release. Thus, if you are already developing OpenMP programs, there's no sense waiting for VivaMP 1.0 release - start using VivaMP right now!

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