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Advantages of Viva64

Advantages of Viva64

Apr 04 2008

The purpose of this commercial article is to show advantages of Viva64 tool throughout the life cycle of software development.

Viva64 tool became a part of PVS-Studio product and is no longer distributed separately. All the abilities of searching for specific errors related to developing 64-bit applications, as well as porting code from 32-bit to 64-bit platform are now available within PVS-Studio analyzer.


Switching to 64-bit systems is one of the modern technologies development courses. Porting of program solutions on 64-bit systems as well as exploration of any other new technology provides new abilities on the one hand and on the other it requires a lot of time and money.

We offer you a static code analyzer Viva64 which is created with the purpose to simplify porting on 64-bit systems and thus reduce the necessary costs. Viva64 tool works with C/C++ code of programs meant for the 64-bit Windows. To learn more about Viva64 see the product's site.

1. Profit and reduced costs

Using static analyzer Viva64 you'll be able to release a 64-bit application on the market 3-4 times quicker. This is thanks to significant speed-up of code analysis and testing processes which require taking into consideration the peculiarities of 64-bit architecture. The time for testing a 64-bit program product is also reduced due to its higher quality. Viva64 tool doesn't require special knowledge what makes it possible for less qualified developers to develop program systems since most work is carried automatically.

A company using Viva64 tool to develop its program products has an opportunity to get ahead of its rivals on the market of 64-bit solutions by offering them to users much earlier.

2. Convenience

The program tool that we offer for automatic detection of errors in programs combines some good characteristics:

  • specialized diagnosis of errors not detected by similar tools;
  • convenience and simplicity in use allow you to decrease the number of manual operations while developing and diagnosing 64-bit programs;
  • integration of Viva64 tool into Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008 development environment allows you not to waste your time on learning how to work with the tool;
  • the product contains detailed Help-system integrating into MSDN;
  • simple deployment of the tool (downloading from the site and installation);
  • simple settings - the instrument is actually ready for work and doesn't need any additional settings.

The tool is convenient not only in respect of technical characteristics but also from the viewpoint of purchasing and maintenance. You may get acquainted with the tool before buying it by using a trial-version. You may also purchase a license on the product on-line at once. Users can always consult developers of the tool on the questions of development of 64-bit solutions. Creation of custom-solutions on the basis of Viva64 is also possible.

3. Safe approach to verification of 64-bit programs

Methodology of static code analysis used in Viva64 tool has significant advantages over other types of analysis sinse it allows you to cover the whole program code. The checking procedure cannot damage the code itself. The process of analysis is fully controlled by the user and it is the user who makes decision to modify it.

Viva64 tool has a large knowledge base concerning development of 64-bit code (Help-system, articles, examples) which will help you to increase the level of your programmers a lot. Following recommendations given in these documents will help you not only to increase the quality of the code but its efficiency as well.

4. Increase of the company's prestige

Quick release of a quality 64-bit product makes the company more attractive for users. One shouldn't forget that release of a 64-bit product is a new and good informational occasion.

The company will be also more appreciated by its staff since introducing the procedure of code analysis into the process of development increases the general level of the program development.


Don't waste your time and resources on trying to investigate by yourself all the peculiarities of creating 64-bit program solutions. Use Viva64 tool! It will help you to save your time and resources!

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