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Social networking services for develope…

Social networking services for developers

Jan 19 2019

This article contains the list of links to the interesting blogs in various social networks. We had to choose mainly those that focus on C++, C# and Java developers because of the tech stack our team uses.



Some interesting news on programming:

Personal accounts (related to C++ programming language because it is the topic we are more familiar with):


As well as on Twitter, you can find here a lot of communities devoted to programming languages, software or IT companies.


As we know, this social network is for sharing photos that's why entertaining content is more common to see there. But because of more people have been recently using Instagram as a platform for blogging, here you can find a lot of developers that share their work experience in the field of software development or studying of a programming language. There are few communities so far that publish content of good quality but we managed to find some.


Although developers are not frequent users of social media, we hope that you'll find the blogs we have mentioned here informative and useful. The last thing, we would like to take the opportunity to share the links to our public pages where we publish articles on different project checks performed by our PVS-Studio analyzer:

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