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PVS-Studio team is ready to do regular …

PVS-Studio team is ready to do regular audit of your code

Mar 31 2017

Our team is ready to do the audit of your project code and fix all the found issues on a paid basis. We are talking specifically about C# and C++ projects. However, one-time audit is not the best way to improve the quality and reliability of the code. Thus, we suggest discussing long-term cooperation on the regular audit of your projects.


We are ready to check the projects written in C#, C and C++, but C# projects have a higher priority. Below will be the explanation why it is so. Our specialists can do the analysis of your code, fix all the detected errors and then continue the analysis and bug fixes on a regular basis.

We have the experience of doing this and continue this kind of work. Some projects fall under NDA, which means that I cannot reveal the details about them. Speaking about public projects, here is the example of our collaboration with Epic Games company: How the PVS-Studio Team Improved Unreal Engine's Code.

We also work with a company that has a large code base and various tasks for the work. For example, we ported the code of its projects to the 64-bit platform and fixed the issues there: How to Port a 9 Million Code Line Project to 64 bits?

All the projects were related only to the C++ language, that is why now we are mostly interested in extending this kind of work to the direction of C# language. It is important for us not only to develop the C# analyzer, but to actively use it. We can do this only really working on the code. The one-time check of open source projects is great, but still, not enough.

We have an intention to combine two useful steps: get additional ways of income and improve PVS-Studio.

We offer the companies, who take the quality and reliability of the code seriously, use our services. Each project is unique, that is why the details will be discussed via e-mail and Skype-meetings.

In general, the process will be as follows:

We fix all the errors that will be possible to find for us. Those few errors that we will not be able to fix ourselves, we will report to your developers, who are more familiar with the code. Along the way, we will set up the analyzer in such a way that it does not issue false positives for your code.

We will do this work in parallel with your development process; run your tests ourselves on the code base, so that it does not distract your developers from the main tasks. As a result you will get fixes of hundreds or thousands errors and thus, more reliable and qualitative code.

Further on, we will do regular analysis (every day or every week) and fix newly written issues. There are additional services available: for several companies we developed a new coding standard or renewed the current coding standard.

If this offer sounds interesting for your company, please contact us at support@viva64.com to discuss the workload, details and prices.

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