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How to contact us

How to contact us

Sep 03 2012

If you want to ask us a question concerning PVS-Studio, its capabilities or ways to purchase it, we'll be glad to answer it. If you have any suggestions or you have noticed a bug in PVS-Studio, we are interested to know it. Well, write to us if you have any questions or suggestions in general. We like participating in discussions. But please give us a chance to answer! It sounds very strange, I know. Let me explain what I mean.

It's very simple to write us a letter! There are two ways to do it:

  • Send a letter to the e-mail address support@viva64.com.
  • Use the feedback form. This is the best way because it allows both you and us to track the letter history in a convenient way.

Perhaps you'll find this text meaningless. But I'm writing it not without reason. It is both funny and sad. You see, people sometimes choose such non-standard and inconvenient ways of providing feedback that they manage to surprise me all the time. And after that they get upset because they don't receive the answer.

These are the ways I strongly recommend you NOT to use.

  • One of the most horrible ideas is to ask a question in Twitter using the tag @Code_Analysis. While your answer can well fit into 140 characters, the answer cannot. Besides, twitter gets cluttered with correspondence uninteresting to other subscribers.
  • Asking a question to one of our workers in a social network. First, we appear not to be fans of social networks and visit them rarely. Second, a particular worker may not know an answer to your question and he/she will have to play the role of a phone redirecting questions and answers. This is quite inconvenient. Moreover, it makes it very difficult to track our correspondence.
  • Asking a question to one of our workers on a forum or website he/she is registered on (we mean the function "send a private message"). This method implies the same drawbacks as the previous case.
  • Asking a question in comments to our articles published on a third-party website. Unfortunately, subscription mechanisms don't work well on many websites, so we may even not be informed about your comments. Note that on some websites our articles are published by bots (not ours). We may not even know of them.
  • As practice shows, phone calls are also of no use. 100% of phone calls end up with writing letters. We arrange that all agreements, papers concerning payment, etc. will be sent/received via e-mail. The most unreasonable thing is to try discussing a question related to code via phone. You'd better start with a letter right away.
  • Please don't use ICQ, Skype and other IM-programs. Especially when a person you want to contact is offline. We might easily miss your message or you might choose a wrong addressee.

Writing letters to the e-mail address support@viva64.com or though the feedback form will significantly simplify our communication. Use these ways and you'll receive the answer very soon. Thanks for understanding.

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