Examples of errors detected by the V520 diagnostic

V520. The comma operator ',' in array index expression.

G3D Content Pak

V520 The comma operator ',' in array index expression '[0, 0]'. graphics3D anyval.cpp 275

void AnyVal::serialize(G3D::TextOutput& t) const {
  const Matrix3& m = *(Matrix3*)m_value;
  t.printf("%10.5f, %10.5f, %10.5f,\n"
           "%10.5f, %10.5f, %10.5f,\n"
           "%10.5f, %10.5f, %10.5f)",
           m[0, 0], m[0, 1], m[0, 2],
           m[1, 0], m[1, 1], m[1, 2],
           m[2, 0], m[2, 1], m[2, 2]);

This is what should have been written here: ...., m[0][0], m[0][1], ....

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