Examples of errors detected by the V1046 diagnostic

V1046. Unsafe usage of the 'bool' and integer types together in the operation '&='.


V1046 Unsafe usage of the bool' and 'int' types together in the operation '&='. GSLMultiRootFinder.h 175

int AddFunction(const ROOT::Math::IMultiGenFunction & func) {
  ROOT::Math::IMultiGenFunction * f = func.Clone();
  if (!f) return 0;
  return fFunctions.size();

template<class FuncIterator>
bool SetFunctionList( FuncIterator begin, FuncIterator end) {
  bool ret = true;
  for (FuncIterator itr = begin; itr != end; ++itr) {
    const ROOT::Math::IMultiGenFunction * f = *itr;
    ret &= AddFunction( *f);
  return ret;


V1046 Unsafe usage of the 'bool' and 'unsigned int' types together in the operation '&='. helper.c 10821

static inline uint32_t extract32(uint32_t value, int start, int length);
static ARMVAParameters aa32_va_parameters(CPUARMState *env, uint32_t va,
                                          ARMMMUIdx mmu_idx)
  bool epd, hpd;
  hpd &= extract32(tcr, 6, 1);

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