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Our plans for the nearest future: PVS-S…

Our plans for the nearest future: PVS-Studio for Embarcadero C++ Builder, upgrade to version 5.00, and price change

Dec 14 2012

We are planning to carry out several changes soon concerning our PVS-Studio code analyzer, and we want to warn users about it beforehand.

PVS-Studio for Embarcadero C++Builder

We are currently actively developing a PVS-Studio version for Embarcadero C++Builder. We like the way the Embarcadero company develops their C++ compiler very much. They release new versions regularly - and not just for the sake of updating the figures in the version number; they release really useful and important capabilities - both the ones developers have been asking for for a long time (Unicode, 64-bit compiler) and quite fresh ones which correspond to the spirit of the age (Windows 8 UI, macOS X). It would be silly for us to stand aside from such an actively developing community of C++ programmers. That's why we started to carry out some research in this area and make prototypes back in the beginning of 2012 already. And soon we'll present our first public release of this version.

C++ Builder users will be able to use our sets of general analysis diagnostic rules (more than 150 diagnostics!) and micro-optimization diagnostics. You will be able to find out "if" conditions containing incorrect expressions, improperly defined function call parameters, incorrect code written through copy-paste, and many other things with the help of our numerous diagnostics.

Besides, now that the 64-bit C++ compiler is added into C++ Builder XE3 (Update 1), our diagnostics set for 64-bit software development (more than 30 diagnostics!) can be used in C++ Builder as well. It will help you make sure that data type changes (for example, the pointer size in the 64-bit compiler is 8 bytes) provide correct operation of your application in the new environment.

C++Builder users will see PVS-Studio on their "IDE screens" very soon.

Major update to 5.00

PVS-Studio 5.00 is to be released soon. Visual Studio users won't see any revolutionary changes in it. Well, of course there will definitely be a fresh batch of new diagnostic rules, interface improvements and bug fixes. But we don't plan any great changes for this release currently. What for to change the version number to 5.00 then? You see, releasing PVS-Studio's version for C++ Builder required much internal alteration of the tool - it is this internal change that such a significant version number update reflects.

PVS-Studio price change

The license for PVS-Studio for a team of up to 5 persons currently costs €3500. This price has remained unchanged for more than three years since the PVS-Studio 3.00 version was released in July, 2009. Yes, we carried out some pricing policy changes, but there wasn't any price rise as such for a long time.

That's why we have decided to raise the price of our product with the release of PVS-Studio 5.00. The rise will affect only the common license for a team of up to 5 developers. The annual license renewal will cost the same 80% like it is now, but the base price itself will be increased. We cannot say for now how much it will grow, as we're investigating this issue now.

We ARE NOT CHANGING the price of Site License yet. This is done because companies usually plan to make such large purchases in advance, so we don't want to make it inconvenient for those who are now planning to buy Site License.

The policy of updating to PVS-Studio 5.00

All the users of the current PVS-Studio 4.XX version will be updated to version 5.00 within the scope of their currently valid licenses for free. If you used to be a PVS-Studio user earlier but your license is not valid anymore, write to us, and we will offer you a discount for updating to the new version.

If you buy a license for PVS-Studio 4.00 now, you will be updated to version 5.00 automatically and for free as soon as it is released.

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