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Release of the final version of PVS-Stu…

Release of the final version of PVS-Studio 4.00 and end of public beta-testing

Dec 24 2010

Today, a month later we started public testing of the beta-version of PVS-Studio 4.00, we announce a new final version released (numbered 4.00.6).

During the month of public testing, we released 5 intermediate versions, which allowed us to fix a lot of errors, implement many user preferences and improvements by the release of the final version. (What's new?).

Let's once again point out the advantages of PVS-Studio 4.00 over PVS-Studio 3.64:

  • A new set of general static analysis rules. At present, it includes about sixty rules but their number will significantly rise in time.
  • Changes in the licensing policy. Now there are three simple and clear license types with fixed prices: Single User License, Team License, Site License.
  • A new PVS-Studio Output Window for diagnostic messages generated by the analyzer.
  • Performance increase both of the analyzer itself and its user interface.

When announcing the release of the beta-version, we said that we were planning to make the general analyzer free. Due to various reasons, we failed to benefit from this approach during the time of public beta-testing as we had planned. That is why we will make the analyzer a completely commercial product and, of course, we will provide the trial-version too. To learn about the reasons why the free version has not proved to be a reasonable solution, see the post here.

Users of PVS-Studio 3.XX may use PVS-Studio 4.XX versions within the scope of the license they have purchased before. However, these users will have only the trial-mode of the general analysis unit. To be able to use these diagnostic rules too, please write to us to learn about the terms.

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