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PVS-Studio 3.10 Released

PVS-Studio 3.10 Released

Aug 10 2009

A new version of code analyzer PVS-Studio 3.10 has been released. PVS-Studio is a static code analyzer designed for simplification of modern applications in C and C++ development. PVS-Studio combines the past solutions of the company (Viva64 and VivaMP software) in a single solution.

Though 3.00 version release has taken place most recently, in the new version, we are ready to provide the possibilities which will for sure provoke some users' interest.

In 3.10 version, two new possibilities have appeared which are connected with 64-bit applications analysis.

First, templates instantiating support has been added. Now the search of potential errors is carried out not simply by template body (as it was earlier), but also template parameters substitution is made for more thorough diagnostics.

Second, now the code analyzer can work in the mode of Linux environment simulation. We have added the support of various data models. That is why, now it is possible to verify cross platform programs on a Windows system the way it would be carried out on a Linux system.

The two added settings are designed for experienced users. They are turned off by default.

In addition, in this version, some errors have been corrected. The error connected with incorrect functioning of the analyzer of parallel errors in 32-bit environment has been corrected. The work of the analyzer with templates has been considerably improved.

PVS-Studio is a new static code analyzer by OOO "Program Verification Systems" designed for developers of modern resource-intensive applications. It combines the possibilities of 64-bit code analysis from Viva64 program and parallel code analysis from VivaMP program, and allows to easily develop and test programs, as well as to carry out programs migration, and, of course, create high reliability applications in C and C++ languages.

PVS-Studio software is a code analyzer designed for solving topical problems of modern programming.

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