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PVS-Studio ROI

Using of PVS-Studio is profitable! Any company that earns money with its source code, can afford PVS-Studio.


We recommend starting acquaintance with the product from downloading a free trial and running it on your project. Even if you're not going to buy a license and introduce static analysis into the development process, the time will not be wasted. Why? Because even with a trial you will find and fix real errors in your project. You pay nothing, but get benefit from fixing bugs. Isn't it worthy of downloading the trial?

But the greatest payback of static analysis comes with its regular use. Even if you downloaded the trial and didn't find interesting errors, it doesn't mean that you don't need static analysis. It means only one thing. You fixed the errors at a high price, which you could have fixed cheaply using static analyzer. For example, using testing, debugging or even with the help of reports from your clients. On the other hand, you could have found and fixed bugs at the moment of writing code, avoiding a waste of programmer's time needed to change the context.


Some people need to see some figures to make decision about static analyzer implementation in the development process. Well, if we're saying that everything is so great, then we must have some figures, mustn't we? Indeed, we have gathered analytics according to our experience of introducing static analysis. In addition, we prepared some calculations of efficiency and economic feasibility of using PVS-Studio. We would be very grateful if you took a couple of minutes and got acquainted with this note. You can also show it to your manager - this way, it will be easier for them to get a budget.

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