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Why do we ask to use Business Email whe…

Why do we ask to use Business Email when contacting us?

We strongly suggest users to use corporate email when communicating with us. There are many reasons for it

Customer support is a very important part of our work. Technical support is divided into presale (when a user hasn't become a customer yet) and maintenance (which is support of existing customers). We have lots of communication by mail both at the presale stage and the maintenance stage. At the presale stage people ask about various product features, ways to integrate it in their processes. At the maintenance stage people ask to clarify some analyzer messages, reasons why a certain diagnostic is issued or not, ways how to use the tool in terms of methodology and many other questions.

So, regardless of the communication stage (presale or maintenance), we ask to use corporate e-mail. The thing is that we have many users of free licenses (for example, students). As there is a lot of mail, of course, we give preference to people with corporate e-mail. This way we'll be able to quickly recognize your company, what problems users from your company previously had and how we solved them.

We often had such cases, that when discussing licensing terms, usage scenarios and methods of payment at some point we realized that the company already had a license. To avoid this situation, use corporate e-mail. If you already have one, we'll consult you whom to address in order to get it. If your company doesn't have a license, perhaps, we've been negotiating or are currently doing it with your colleagues. This way it will be easier to continue the talk.

In other words, it is advisable to use corporate email to be constructive, fast and accurate in our communication. Oh yes, some people think that we set prices depending on which company addresses us. Of course this is not the case, we have fixed prices for all. You don't think that Apple or Google buy ordinary pens to their employees for $1000 each just because they can afford it, do you?

Please, use only corporate email when communicating with us. For our part, we'll do our best to answer you quickly and efficiently.

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