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It's time to renew your license for PVS…

It's time to renew your license for PVS-Studio!

Did you happen to land on this page because your license was coming to the end or had already ended? Let us tell you why you should renew your license and how to do it.


First, we hope that you got benefit from purchasing our license for your project. We are sure that your team was running the analyzer not just occasionally, but, as we recommend, was using it regularly, performing the full code analysis overnight and fixing found errors in the mornings. Maybe, you even went the whole nine yards in the implementation of static analysis methodology and convinced all programmers to use the analyzer locally as well, in the incremental analysis mode. After all, this way developers spend less time on context switching, and errors get fixed almost effortlessly. If incremental analysis is not used in your team yet or it is used not by everyone, the license renewal is a good reason to think about it.

Why is it necessary to renew the license? Why did the analyzer stop working after one year?

We'd like to consistently earn money and we don't want to hide this from you :). We are sure that you will consider this with understanding. The fact of the matter is that over 50% of our clients renew their licenses annually. While as for the rest, the argument "your product is bad" is not the first place among the reasons for the refusal. A project was frozen or sold to another company with other development processes, someone changed the technology and the language of development, and someone even might have closed the company. It is clear that there are those for whom the tool didn't work out. You cannot please everyone, this is normal.

There are two main reasons why people extend the license for PVS-Studio:

  • Our analyzer performed well and was detecting errors.
  • You chatted with our team of technical support, we helped you and you were well satisfied.

In both cases, you understand that we deservedly get your money.

PVS-Studio today is the analysis of C, C++, C#, and Java code. It is three basic platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS. It is support of a huge number of build systems and environments. It is Embedded Development. It is SAST and related things: CWE, SEI CERT and even MISRA. It is integration with SonarQube, support of Jenkins, work in IDEs, such as Visual Studio, IntelliJ IDEA and much more. Do you want this list to grow? We need your financial support!

To get information on license renewal, please, write to us from the purchase page, by selecting the checkbox "License renewal".