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16 Aoû 2013

TestComplete is an automated testing tool designed to create tests for Windows applications, web servers and web pages.

Automated testing is automatic execution of software tests by a special utility with very little or no human interference, which guarantees running all the tests without missing anything. It frees testers from having to repeat the same monotone actions over and over again. TestComplete is a utility employing this technology.

TestComplete is used to automate many different software test types for .NET, Java, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, C++Builder, web pages and other applications. The tool is intended for software developers and software testing departments to reduce time costs on manual testing.

TestComplete employs a special mechanism to facilitate creation of software testing scripts. This mechanism is based on the following principle: the tester performs manual testing procedures which are automatically recorded into a file. After that this file, which can be viewed and edited, plays back all those previously performed operations. The tester can modify recorded tests later, which is very useful.

Issues of integrating automated testing from the viewpoint of software testing during the development process are thoroughly discussed in the book "Automated Software Testing: Introduction, Management, and Performance" [2]. For you to get started with TestComplete, it is also recommended to view the "TestComplete Videos" [5] which is a fine guide to automated testing.

You can download TestComplete from the SmartBear Software company's site.


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