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OOO "Program Verification Systems&…

OOO "Program Verification Systems" workers took part in the ADD-2010 conference

28 Sep 2010

The Application Developer Days conference was held in Yaroslavl September 23-24, 2010. The conference's symbol was a "stop" sign for woodpeckers - it meant that only those reports which were really interesting for software developers were selected for the conference instead of abstract debates on another development methodology or advertising of development tools.


The Application Developer Days conference is a unique event implemented by experts in the sphere of software engineering intended to unite individual professionals and IT communities on one site. The conference includes discussion of a wide range of question related to software development, selection of programming languages, studying effective architectural solutions and recommendations on creating them, discussion of most needed technologies, products by popular vendors and open-source solutions.

The conference was organized by companies SQALab [RU] (Moscow, Russia) relying on the IT-CONF.RU resource and BYTE-FORCE (Yaroslavl, Russia).

Andrey Karpov presented a report "Static code analysis today" at this conference. Here are its theses.


Static analysis is a methodology of detecting errors in source code of programs based on the technique when programmer reviews code fragments marked by a static analyzer as potentially containing errors. Many take static analysis as something obsolete and irrelevant. Really, there are some things making people think that static analysis was useful earlier when development tools were much less functional. But if we put aside some obsolete stuff, it turns out that the static analysis methodology still can let you significantly reduce the price of eliminating many defects through detecting them at the early stage of developing (coding). Moreover, progress of programming languages, appearance of new programming technologies like OpenMP and increase of an average size of projects make usage of static analyzers more attractive for product quality control.

You may watch videos of this report and other ones that will be available on the conference's site soon.

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