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Posts: articles

15 Sep 2022
The check of the Rhino JavaScript engine or how the unicorn met the rhino
Valery Komarov
Among the wide variety of programming languages, what our users want the most is that the PVS-Studio analyzer to start supporting JavaScript. The Rhino engine is a project that our team can use to create a PVS-Studio analyzer for JavaScript. In this article, we will...
22 Jan 2021
How PVS-Studio checked ELKI in January
Irina Polynkina
If you feel like the New Year just came, and you missed the first half of January, then all this time you've been busy looking for tricky bugs in the code you maintain. It also means that our article is what you need. PVS-Studio has checked the ELKI open source project...
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28 Déc 2020
Top 10 bugs in Java projects in 2020
Maxim Stefanov
The New Year is steadily approaching, therefore it's time to sum everything up. Continuing the tradition, we thought back to our articles about checking Java projects from the open-source world for this year and rated the top 10 most exciting bugs.
15 Déc 2020
Big / Bug Data: analyzing the Apache Flink source code
Valery Komarov
Applications used in the field of Big Data process huge amounts of information, and this often happens in real time. Naturally, such applications must be highly reliable so that no error in the code can interfere with data processing. To achieve high reliability, one...
13 Nov 2020
Unicorns on guard for your safety: Exploring the Bouncy Castle code
Irina Polynkina
Would you like to see a new batch of errors found by the PVS-Studio static analyzer for Java? Then keep reading the article! This time the Bouncy Castle project is to be checked. The most interesting code snippets, as usual, are waiting for you below.
02 Oct 2020
Checking WildFly, a JavaEE application server
Dmitry Scherbakov
WildFly (formerly known as JBoss Application Server) is an open-source JavaEE application server developed and first released by JBoss in February, 2008. The primary goal of the project is to provide a set of tools usually required for enterprise Java applications. And...
28 Aoû 2020
Checking the code of XMage, and why you won't be able to get the special rare cards of the Dragon's Maze collection
Maxim Stefanov
XMage is a client-server application for playing Magic: The Gathering (MTG). XMage's development was started in early 2010. Since then, it has seen 182 releases, attracted an army of contributors, and it's still being actively developed even now. All that makes it a...
05 Aoû 2020
Under the hood of PVS-Studio for Java: how we develop diagnostics
Nikita Lazeba
To keep it interesting, this time I'd like to tell about our approach to developing and polishing diagnostic rules for PVS-Studio Java. You will learn how we keep existing warnings consistent across releases and why the new ones aren't too weird. I'll also share a bit...
19 Jui 2020
The PVS-Studio analyzer: detecting potential compatibility issues with Java SE API
Maxim Stefanov
2019 was a very busy year in terms of conferences. Our team could leave for whole weeks on business trips. As you know, the conference is perfect time to share knowledge. In addition to giving talks and telling many interesting things at our booth, we also learned a...
01 Jui 2020
NSA, Ghidra, and unicorns
Nikita Lazeba
This time, the PVS-Studio team's attention was attracted by Ghidra, a big bad reverse-engineering framework allowing developers to analyze binary files and do horrible things to them. The most remarkable fact about it is not even that it's free and easily extensible...
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