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Posts: articles

30 Nov 2022
How has LINQ performance enhanced in .NET 7?
Mikhail Evtihevich
New version of .NET enhanced the performance of the Min, Max, Average and Sum methods for arrays and lists. How much do you think their execution speed has increased? 2x or 5x? No, they got even faster. Let's see how that was achieved.
16 Nov 2022
What 's new in .NET 7?
Artem Rovenskii
.NET 7 is now available, which means that we can enjoy all sorts of new features and enhancements. Let's talk about the most interesting improvements: C# 11, containers, performance, GC, and so on.
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Catastrophic backtracking: how can a regular expression cause a ReDoS vulnerability?
Andrey Moskalev
Regular expressions come in handy when you need to search for and replace text. However, in some cases, they may cause the system to slow down or even make vulnerable to ReDoS attacks.
21 Oct 2022
What's new in C# 11: overview
Konstantin Volohovsky
C# 11 is coming, so we're going to explore its new features in detail. You may find these new features pretty curious even though there are not that many of them. Today let's take a closer look at the generic math support, raw string literals, the required modifier...
06 Oct 2022
Do you plan to take on .NET MAUI? Get ready for an adventure with NullReferenceException
Nikita Lipilin
.NET Multi-platform App UI is a framework written by professionals. However, the code of some of its functions looks like the developers could have forgotten what null reference dereferencing could lead to.
04 Oct 2022
List in C#: implementation and features
Artem Rovenskii
List is one of the most used collections in C#. Let's inspect the features of List and look at how some of its parts are implemented.
30 Sep 2022
Stride Game Engine error review
Andrey Moskalev
Stride is a free, feature-packed and cross-platform game engine implemented in C#. Stride may certainly become an alternative to Unity, but what about the quality of its source code? Let's check Stride Game Engine with the help of the PVS-Studio static analyzer.
20 Sep 2022
Sorting in C#: OrderBy.OrderBy or OrderBy.ThenBy? What's more effective and why?
Sergey Vasiliev
Suppose we need to sort the collection by multiple keys. In C#, we can do this with the help of OrderBy().OrderBy() or OrderBy().ThenBy(). But what is the difference between these calls? To answer this question, we need to delve into the source code.
08 Sep 2022
ML.NET: can Microsoft's machine learning be trusted?
Andrey Moskalev
In 2018, Microsoft created ML.NET, a machine learning framework for .NET developers. Since then, the machine learning library has undergone significant changes and acquired new features to identify patterns within data. Let's see how these changes have affected the...
06 Sep 2022
The risks of using vulnerable dependencies in your project, and how SCA helps manage them
Nikita Lipilin
Most applications today use third-party libraries. If such a library contains a vulnerability, an app that uses this library may also be vulnerable. But how can you identify such problematic dependencies?
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