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Propose a project for analysis by PVS-S…

Propose a project for analysis by PVS-Studio: now on GitHub

08 Fév 2017

It's not the easiest task to check projects using a static analyzer and to write review articles, describing the bugs found. Almost always it is work of a team, not just one person. The choice of a project plays quite a significant role in it. Because this directly affects the interest of readers for an article about the project check. In this post I want to explain how you can suggest an interesting project for analysis on GitHub.



PVS-Studio is a tool for bug detection in the source code of programs, written in C, C++ and C#.

Recently the abilities of the analyzer and the spheres of its use have considerably grown. Now this is a powerful tool for the improvement of the code quality, available both for Windows and Linux. The analyzer has several operating modes that allow you to easily run the analysis regardless of the build system. This lets a user to explore the analyzer effortlessly and then integrate it fully for regular use.

Also we use the analyzer when we check selected projects to write articles. Our site has more than 270 articles about the check of open source projects. The total number of errors exceeds 10000. All the reviews go to the always up-to-date list of articles on the site. Now you can suggest projects not only via a feedback form, but also via GitHub.

How to propose a project

In the repository on GitHub we have posted a list of projects that we will review before choosing a topic for an article. For now it will be a common list for C/C++ and C# projects.

Anyone can add an interesting open source project and send a Pull Request.

Required information about the project:

  • Project title;
  • Brief description in English;
  • A link to the official website (if it is available);
  • A link to the source code (a repository or a website page with the information, where the source code can be downloaded).

Important. It makes no sense to add your personal small projects to the list. To check such projects, you can use a free analyzer and even use it regularly (How to use PVS-Studio for free). Also, please, avoid adding projects that have already been checked. Sometimes we recheck projects, but usually it happens on a special occasion. The source code that got to the net illegally isn't welcomed as well.

If you a developer of some open source project, we are open to more interesting cooperation - a joint article, discussion of the bugs found and so on.

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