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Comparing Analysis Capabilities of PVS-…

Comparing Analysis Capabilities of PVS-Studio and Visual Studio 2015's Analyzer

25 Avr 2015

In one of the articles at Visual C++ Team Blog, the developer team were discussing the static code analyzer that would ship with Visual Studio 2015. According to their data, there will be no difference in the static analysis capabilities between Visual Studio 2013's and Visual Studio 2015's versions.


Here's an excerpt from the article "C/C++ Code analysis in VS2015":

Let's start with what has not changed.

  • Code analysis is still available in all editions of Visual Studio just like how it was in VS2013.
  • No additional checkers added between VS2013 and VS2015.

It means that Visual Studio 2015's analyzer will be absolutely the same as the previous version regarding its functionality. We already carried out a comparison of the PVS-Studio analyzer and the analyzer integrated into Visual Studio 2013 - see the corresponding article. Therefore, the old data are still relevant. See Table 1 to know the number of errors found by these analyzers in a suit of test projects.


Table 1 - Comparison of the analyzers' diagnostic capabilities

The difference between the two tools is quite prominent: 77% and 12% are pretty different figures, aren't they? Perhaps this difference has grown even bigger today as we constantly add new diagnostics into PVS-Studio.

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