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Testing PVS-Studio in a system with SSD…

Testing PVS-Studio in a system with SSD-disk

28 Mai 2012

SSD-disk is a useful thing for a programmer, as it allows you to significantly increase the code compilation speed. We have recently decided to find it out exactly and represent in figures how much useful an SSD-disk is when working with PVS-Studio. Going a bit ahead, let me tell you that it's very useful.

Description of the testing methodology

We have a test base of about 80 open source projects on which we daily check our code analyzer PVS-Studio. We also check the projects in different versions of Microsoft Visual Studio (2005, 2008 and 2010). We have run these tests on three different computers (the corresponding configurations are shown below) in three versions of Visual Studio and noted down the working time counted automatically as the test run was over.

Computers participating in testing

Computer 1


Computer 2


Computer 3


Time of complete test run for different computers and Visual Studio versions (in minutes)



Computer 1 and computer 2 can be roughly referred to the same generation of 2010 which differ in processor performance values. These machines give almost identical results. Computer 3 is a new machine of 2012 whose main distinctive feature is an SSD-disk.

On the average, it appears that an SSD-disk gives a 1.6-1.7 time speed boost to PVS-Studio.

An important note: all the software - Windows, Visual Studio and the projects being checked - need to be installed on this SSD-disk. If there is only a project to be checked located on the SSD-disk, the performance gain will not be so much notable.

Please refer to other tips on speeding up PVS-Studio too.

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