V2001. Consider using the extended version of the 'foo' function here.

This diagnostic warning was added on users' request.

The analyzer allows you to detect calls of functions that have "extended" analogues. By the term "extended functions" we understand functions that have the Ex suffix. Here are some examples of extended functions: VirtualAllocEx, SleepEx, GetDCEx, LoadLibraryEx, FindResourceEx.

Consider the following source code:

void foo();
void fooEx(float x);
void foo2();
void test()
  foo(); // V2001
  foo2(); // OK

In the fragment where the "foo" function is called, the V2001 diagnostic message will be produced since there is another function with the same name but ending with "Ex". The "foo2" function does not have an alternative version and therefore no diagnostic message will be generated concerning it.

The V2001 message will be also generated in the following case:

void fooA(char *p);
void fooExA(char *p, int x);
void test()
  fooA(str); // V2001

V2002 is a related diagnostic message.

This diagnostic is classified as:

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