V120. Member operator[] of object 'foo' is declared with 32-bit type argument, but is called with memsize type argument.

The analyzer detected a potential error of working with classes that contain operator[].

Classes with an overloaded operator[] are usually a kind of an array where the index of the item being called is operator[] argument. If operator[] has a 32-bit type formal argument but memsize-type is used as an actual argument, it might indicate an error. Let us consider an example leading to the warning V120:

class MyArray {
  int m_arr[10];
  int &operator;[](unsigned i) { return m_arr[i]; }
} Object;
size_t k = 1;
Object[k] = 44; //V120

This example does not contain an error but might indicate an architecture shortcoming. You should either work with MyArray using 32-bit indexes or modify operator[] so that it takes an argument of size_t type. The latter is preferable because memsize-types not only serve to make a program safer but sometimes allow the compiler to build a more efficient code.

The related diagnostic warnings are V108 and V302.

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