V063. Analysis aborted by timeout.

A V063 message means that the analyzer has failed to check a file in the given time frame (10 minutes by default). Such messages are often accompanied by "GC overhead limit exceeded" messages.

In some cases, this problem can be solved by simply increasing the amount of memory and stack available to the analyzer.

Maven plugin:

<jvmArguments>-Xmx4096m, -Xss256m</jvmArguments>

Gradle plugin:

jvmArguments = ["-Xmx4096m", "-Xss256m"]

IntelliJ IDEA plugin:

1) Analyze -> PVS-Studio -> Settings

2) Tab Environment -> JVM arguments


The amount of memory available by default could be insufficient when analyzing generated code with numerous nested constructs.

You may want to exclude such code from analysis (using the 'exclude' option) so that the analyzer does not waste time checking it.

A V063 message can also appear when the analyzer does not get enough system resources because of high CPU load. It could process the file correctly if given enough time, but the default time frame is too small.

If you are still getting this message, it may be a sign of a bug in the analyzer. In this case, please email us (support@viva64.com) and attach the text files from the .PVS-Studio directory (you can find it in the project directory) together with the code that seems to trigger this error so that we could fix the bug as soon as possible.

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