V003. Unrecognized error found...

Message V003 means that a critical error occurred in the analyzer. It is most likely that in this case you will not see any warning messages concerning the file being checked at all.

Although the message V003 is very rare, we will appreciate if you help us fix the issue that caused this message to appear. To do this, please send us a file with stacktrace ('*.PVS-Studio.stacktrace.txt'), a preprocessed i-file that caused the error ('*.PVS-Studio.i') and its corresponding configuration file ('*.PVS-Studio.cfg') to this e-mail support@viva64.com.

Note. A preprocessed i-file is generated from a source file (for example, 'file.cpp') when the preprocessor finishes its work. To get this file you should set the option 'RemoveIntermediateFiles' to 'False' on the tab 'Common Analyzer Settings' in PVS-Studio settings and restart the analysis of this one file.

If the 'pvs-studio-analyzer' utility is used to analyze the project, then the internal files can be obtained using the '--dump-files' flag.

After that you can find the corresponding i-file in the project folder (for example, 'file.PVS-Studio.i') and its corresponding 'file.PVS-Studio.cfg'.

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