Implicit type conversion

Implicit type conversion, also known as "coercion", is an automatic type conversion by the compiler. Implicit conversions do not require any operator. They are automatically performed when a value is copied to a compatible type. In a mixed type expression, a subtype s will be converted to a supertype t or some subtypes s1, s2, ... will be converted to a supertype t (maybe none of the s{i} is of type t) at runtime so that the program will run correctly. For example:

double d;
long l;
int i;
if (d > i)
  d = i;
if (i > l)
  l = i;
if (d == l)
  d *= 2;

Although d, l and i belong to different datatypes, they will be automatically converted to the same datatype each time a comparison or assignment is executed.


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