Need a Single User License?

Do you need a PVS-Studio license for a single user? Sorry, we do not sell such licenses.


We believe that the use of static code analysis impacts the whole project, not a single user that runs the tool. It does not matter whether he runs it on his local machine or on a build server - the use of introducing a static analysis tool will certainly influence the whole project and the whole team, even if not all developers of the project know about PVS-Studio.

Perhaps, you will say that we are losing profits, refusing from such licenses, won't you? Or that after starting from Single User licenses, people then will move on to other types of licenses?

We have a trial mode to get acquainted with the product. You can download a free trial and request the analyzer license. If necessary, you can extend it.

As for "lost profits". We had an experiment on this topic. Details can be found in our blog.

So what, do we think only of the good for corporations? We don't think so. Firstly, among our clients there are plenty of both small and medium-sized companies. Our prices are absolutely affordable to any company that earns money with its source code. We even prepared an article, using which you can define the pay back of our tool for you. Please take a few minutes to think over PVS-Studio ROI.

In addition, we provide free licenses of PVS-Studio:

  • You can use PVS-Studio for free by inserting a special comment in your code. It's good for students, for private and commercial projects.
  • You can request a free one-year license for PVS-Studio, if you develop Open Source projects.
  • You can request a free license for PVS-Studio, if you are a Microsoft MVP specialist.

Thus, the question of Single User licenses is definitively closed in our team.

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