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FAQ on PVS-Studio licensing and ordering

FAQ on PVS-Studio licensing and ordering

What types of PVS-Studio licenses do you have?

There are two types of PVS-Studio licenses:

  • Team License - a license for a team of one to nine people.
  • Enterprise License - a license for a large department or even a company (from 10 people and more).

What is included in the license?

  • the right of use it for 1 year;
  • the right to use the product in a team of up to 9 users; for a Team License - installation only on one machine of each user.
  • if customer has an Enterprise License then the product may be used by the number of developers (including developers of Licensees Affiliates) specified by the License name;
  • access to new versions (including major versions) within 1 year;
  • access to tech support by email within 1 year.

I want to buy a Single User License. Why don't you have it?

You need to use a Team License. You can read here about the reasons.

Is there a PVS-Studio demo version? Can I download it?

Yes, you can download it here.

Several different sets of rules are included in the analyzer. Can I buy only some of them?

No, you cannot. The analyzer is not divisible.

Can I use a regular license on a build server?

Yes, the build server is a regular machine and you need to install the license on it as well. Our standard Team License for a team of up to nine people can be used on a build server. If you have several build servers and a large team, you have reasons to think of Enterprise licenses.

Do you have named licenses (for specific users)?

A license is a pair of "name/value", which includes some encoded additional information (including the date). The same license is used on all machines, both in case of a regular license (for a team of up to nine people) and for the Enterprise license.

Do you have floating licenses?

No, because we have very convenient Enterprise licenses. If you think that you need a floating license, just have a look at our Enterprise licenses.

Your prices are very high!

Usage of PVS-Studio is profitable! Any company that earns money with its source code, can afford PVS-Studio. We've prepared a special note, where we state our thoughts on the price and value of the product.

I have a question about license renewal!

For sure, we've answered it on the renewal page. If not, write to us.

Where in the program do I need to enter the registration information after purchasing PVS-Studio?

On the settings page of PVS-Studio on the "Registration" tab, as shown here.

Do you work with resellers?

If you prefer working through partners, ask your reseller to contact us.

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