Andrey Karpov has made a report at the Application Developer Days 2011 conference

Andrey Karpov
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Andrey Karpov, worker of our company, has participated in the ADD conference and made a report "Static C++ code analysis".


ADD is a conference for programmers who love their work. The Application Developer Days conference is an event carried out by experts in the sphere of software engineering meant to unite individual professionals and IT-communities at one stage. The symbol of the conference is a crossed woodpecker, which means that only interesting reports get to the conference and you should not be afraid of falling asleep while some manager is lingering over SaaS, Agile, ISO9001 or CMMI.

The report's theses:

Languages C, C++ and C++0x are like a set of wood carving knives. They are used to create fine products but if you are not careful enough, you may severely cut yourself. One of the earliest methods of detecting issues in program code is static code analysis. By launching analysis right after writing new code or during night builds, you may detect plenty of errors already before the testing stage. This reduces time and cost of eliminating them. You may also find defects which occur rarely and might plague you for many months of program maintenance.

In the report we will demonstrate a lot of samples of errors in popular open source programs and libraries that you may detect using static analyzers.

About the author:

Andrey Karpov is technical manager in the OOO "Program Verification Systems" where he develops tools of source code static analysis. He has worked for several years in the Scientific Center "GDT Softver Group" where he has acquired unique experience of developing resource-intensive software in the sphere of numerical simulation and visualization. It was there that he noticed lack of tools allowing programmers to detect issues in 64-bit applications handling large memory amounts. It was the starting point of creating the Viva64 static analyzer and then the PVS-Studio package.

You may view the presentation of the "Static C++ code analysis" report on the site:

Use PVS-Studio to search for bugs in C, C++, C# and Java

We offer you to check your project code with PVS-Studio. Just one bug found in the project will show you the benefits of the static code analysis methodology better than a dozen of the articles.

goto PVS-Studio;

Andrey Karpov
Articles: 565

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